South Korea in the WWW Song Contest Edit


Here's an article about South Korea in the WWW Song Contest.

South Korea have the debut in Prague, the Czech Republic by the #51 WWW Song Contest.

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Edition Artist Song Language Final Points Semi Points
#51 AOA Bing Bing Korean Did Not Qualify 10th/16 60
#52 DAVICHI This Love Korean 17th/27 90 8th/16 sc 64
#53 K.A.R.D Don't Recall Korean 5th/27 141 3rd/16 94
#54 MONSTA X Beautiful Korean Did Not Qualify 16th/16 29
#55 Henry ft. Kyuhyun & Taemin TRAP Korean 16th/27 91 7th/16 72
#56 AKMU DINOSAUR Korean 11th/27 115 10th/16 sc 56
#57 CNBLUE In My Head Japanese Did Not Qualify 8th/16 59
#58 BTS DNA Korean

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