Here's an article about Slovakia in the WWW Song Contest.

800px-Flag of Slovakia.svg

Slovakian flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#8 Celeste Buckingham Nobody Knows 12th/23 26
#9 Tina Sexy 22nd/24 25
#10 Kmetoband & Rytmus Amen Savore 20th/22 23
Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#27 Jana Kirschner Sama 24th/25 49 15th/20 wc 47
#28 Lavagance Gabriel Did Not Qualify 16th/21 49
#29 Andrew May The Way You Love 3rd/25 149 2nd/20 106
#30 Kristina V sieti ťa mám 14th/26 85 Auto-Qualified
#31 Zoči Voči Niekedy Did Not Qualify 17th/19 35
#32 Sima Martausová Pod imelom Did Not Qualify 18th/21 24
#33 Snovonne Toys Did Not Qualify 19th/21 32
#34 No Brake New Hope Did Not Qualify 17th/22 31
#35 Slávka Tkácová Chcem veriť 16th/26 96 8th/22 76
#36 Jamestown Úsvit  14th/26 100 14th/22 sc 54
#37 The Cellmates Rockabilly Feeling Did Not Qualify 15th/22 49
#38 Lunatic Gods Právo prvej pomsty Did Not Qualify 15th/19 34
#39 Walter Schnitzelsson Million Years Did Not Qualify 15th/22 62
#40 Andrew May Summer Love 2nd/26 153 3rd/21 102
#41 Hromovlad Ohňa Hlad, Vody Chlad 24th/26 59 Auto-Qualified
#42 Brotherhood Srdce Bojovníka Did Not Qualify 22nd/22 17
#43 Čisté Tvary The End Of All Stories Did Not Qualify 23rd/24 26
#44 Half White Half Blue Love Criminal 20th/26 88 7th/23 83
#45 Elections In The Deaftown Translucsent Shadows Did Not Qualify 22nd/24 33
#46 Toni Granko Na kraji povetria Did Not Qualify 23rd/24 13
#47 The Bridgeheads Friendship Did Not Qualify 23rd/24 24
#48 Kinsfolk Will Wait For You 13th/26 89 7th/24 89
#49 Fresh Out Of The Bus Philistines, Sheep and Squires Did Not Qualify 17th/24 47
#50 Majk Spirit Primetime Did Not Qualify 8th/17 67
#51 Heartbeat Verný Boh Did Not Qualify 14th/16 37
#52 Purist Silence Keeps Us Alive Did Not Qualify 11th/16 48
#53 Nocadeň Havran Did Not Qualify 15th/16 35
#54 The Paranoid Búrka Sĺz Did Not Qualify 11th/16 51
#55 Tolstoys Agapé Did Not Qualify 13th/16 52
#56 Andrew May Ked'nie Si So Mnou 13th/27 111 4th/17 94
#57 King Shaolin Waiting 16th/27 104 3rd/16 87

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