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Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#52 Moorhouse Somebody Loves You Did Not Qualify 9th/16 60
#53 Aaradhna Lorena Bobbitt 9th/27 115 9th/16 sc 64
#54 Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa'i We Know The Way Did Not Qualify 13th/16 53
#55 Richard Parker feat. Levina Records My Rasta Did Not Qualify 15th/16 44
#56 Maimoa Wairua 14th/27 110 10th/17 sc 58
#57 Te Vaka Lakalaka Did Not Qualify 11th/16 50
#58 Lole Usoalii Arise Tu I Luga Did Not Qualify 14th/16 33
#59 Common Kings On The Low 22nd/27 78 10th/18 sc 59
#60 Riverdale Cast I Got You 20th/28 85 4th/17 81
#61 Tenelle feat. Fiji Real One Did Not Qualify 9th/16 68
#62 Aaradhna Great Man Did Not Qualify 9th/16 59
#63 Maisey Rika Tangaroa Whakamautai Did Not Qualify 11th/16 50
#64 Feder feat. Alex Aiono Lordly 6th/28 143 1st/17 105
#65 Tomorrow People Don't Wanna Fight It Did Not Qualify 14th/17 41
#66 Spawnbreezie ft. Celle I'm In Love Did Not Qualify 16th/17 40
#67 Tenelle ft. Fiji Ride Or Die Did Not Qualify 16th/16 24
#69 Ladi6 Like Water