Here's an article about Romania in the WWW Song Contest.


Romanian flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#13 Inna Crazy Sexy Wild 6th/27 75
Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#27 Cristian Sanda Fii Curios Did Not Qualify 12th/20 56
#28 Carla's Dreams ft. Inna P.O.H.U.I. 24th/25 61 17th/20 wc 41
#29 Smiley Acasă  25th/25 DSQ 8th/21 77 
#30 Liviu Hodor & Mona Unde-i dragostea Did Not Qualify 20th/20 DSQ
#31 Mellina ft. Vescan  Poza de Album  Did Not Qualify 18th/19 26 
#32 Inna ft. J-Balvin Cola Song 5th/26 122 5th/21 80 
#33 Andreea Banica Acelasi Iubit Did Not Qualify 21st/22 29 
#34 Elena Gheorge  Hypnotic Did Not Qualify 12th/22 61 
#35 AMI Playa En Costa Rica Did Not Qualify 14th/21 61 
#36 Inna ft. Marian Hill Diggy Down Did Not Qualify 20th/22 32 
#38 F.Charm ft. Elena Gheorge Mama 16th/26 73 11th/19 sc 54
#39 Cargo Ploaia Did Not Qualify 11th/22 69
#41 Planeta Moldova Alimentara Did Not Qualify 21st/22 8
#42 Inna Yalla Did Not Qualify 16th/21 42
#43 Delia Da, mama 13th/26 100 7th/24 74
#44 Lidia Buble ft. Amira Le-am spus si fetelor Did Not Qualify 17th/22 45
#45 ADDA Lupii Did Not Qualify 18th/24 47
#46 Ovidiu Anton Moment of Silence 8th/26 131 4th/24 89
#47 DOC & Motzu & Smiley Pierdut Buletin Did Not Qualify 13th/24 62
#48 DJ Project ft. Giulia Nu Did Not Qualify 11th/24 59
#49 Akcent ft. Lora Lasă-mă așa 5th/26 146 5th/24 85
#50 Andra feat. Dorian Floare De Nu-Ma-Uita Did Not Qualify 12th/17 54
#51 Raluka No Question 6th/27 130 7th/16 83
#52 Instinct Petale 18th/27 90 7th/16 65
#53 KLYDE Chemistry Did Not Qualify 12th/16 57
#55 Loredana Ziua de azi Did Not Qualify 14th/16 43
#56 Mihai Ristea feat. Do Baxter Ploaia Did Not Qualify 12th/16 51

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