Here's an article about Portugal in the WWW Song Contest. 


Portugese flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#4 Fonzie Gotta Get Away 18th/21 20
#5 D'ZRT Feeling 10th/22 62
#6 9 Live Cats Trying To Go Home 23rd/23 4
#7 Angélico Bailarina 15th/22 38
#8 Aurea Okay Alright 19th/23 DSQ
#9 MC Danny The Gift Of Life 13th/24 45
#10 Pablo Alboran & Carminho Perdóname 7th/22 66
#11 Angel-O Só Quero Que Saibas 18th/22 25
#12 Nu Soul Family It's Whatever You Want 23rd/24 8
#13 Boss AC Sexta-feira 24th/27 23
#14 Os Azeitonas Anda Comigo Ver Os Aviões 15th/27 50
#15 Pedro Madeira Inflamável 9th/28 74
Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#16 David Carreira Don't Stop The Party Did Not Qualify 11th/14 43
#17 Richie Campbell That's How We Roll 21st/25 45 10th/16 50
#18 More Than A Thousand Nothing But Mistakes Did Not Qualify 16th/16 19
#19 Aurea Scratch My Back 23rd/25 31 14th/17 wc 33
#20 Excesso Eu Sou Aquele Did Not Qualify 12th/17 40
#21 João Só e Abandonados ft. Lúcia Moniz Sorte Grande Did Not Qualify 18th/18 16
#22 Ala dos Namorados Cacador de Sois Did Not Qualify 20th/20 22
#23 No Stress A Um Passo do Céu Did Not Qualify 19th/19 DSQ
#24 Xutos e Pontapés A Minha Casinha Did Not Qualify 17th/21 33
#25 David Carreira ft. Snoop Dogg A Força Está em Nós 24th/25 47 11th/19 wc 55
#26 Amália Hoje A Gaivota Did Not Qualify 19th/19 DSQ
#46 D.A.M.A. ft. Mia Rose Secrets in Silence Did Not Qualify 21st/24 28
#47 Mariza Melhor de Mim Did Not Qualify 19th/24 37
#48 Diogo Piçarra Dialeto 2nd/26 173 1st/24 143
#49 Kika If This Is Love 10th/26 110 Auto-Qualified
#55 Mimicat Fire 23rd/16 65 6th/16 81

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