Here's an article about Morocco in the WWW Song Contest.


Moroccan flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#33 Asma Lmnawar Hakawa 3rd/26 121 8th/21 66
#34 Fatima Zahra Laaroussi Haddek Temma 25th/26 22 Auto-Qualified
#35 Samira Said  Laila Habibi Did Not Qualify 21st/22 24
#36 Jannat Al Badi Azlam Did Not Qualify 19th/23 26
#37 Douzi ft. Gosia Andrzejewicz 2Gether (Galbi Galbi) 23rd/26 61 8th/22 77
#38 Dounia Batma Wala Fkhbaro Did Not Qualify 14th/19 40
#39 Zina Daoudia Aatini Saki Did Not Qualify 20th/22 28
#40 Asma Lmnawar Safi Did Not Qualify 16th/21 42
#41 Sofia Essaïdi Je Veux Tout 15th/26 90 3rd/22 94
#42 Aicha Tachinwit Samhiyi A Yammi Did Not Qualify 21st/22 24
#43 Jamila Blach Blach Did Not Qualify 14th/24 58
#44 Manal #Denia 9th/26 116 5th/22 91
#45 Amine Señorita 19th/26 96 19th/24 45
#47 Ahmed Chawki Tsunami 24th/26 55 7th/24 82
#48 Zina Daoudia 100TIHA Did Not Qualify 18th/24 43
#49 Samira Said Mahassalsh Haga Did Not Qualify 16th/24 48
#50 Elam Jay feat. Mirela Jay Angelina Did Not Qualify 14th/17 41
#52 Sofia Marikh Bahib Fik Did Not Qualify 12th/16 45
#56 Soufiane Eddyani Een dief als een broer Did Not Qualify 12th/16 56
#57 Asma Lmnawar Andou Zine Did Not Qualify 13th/16 41

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