Here is an article about Luxembourg in the WWW Song Contest.


Luxembourger flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#43 James Borges Lonely Did Not Qualify 16th/24 39
#44 Daniel Balthasar Accidentally Did Not Qualify 21st/22 18
#45 Angel at my table Eclipse Did Not Qualify 16th/24 54
#46 Eternal Tango The Golden City Did Not Qualify 17th/24 44
#48 Sun Glitters ft. Niva & Charlee Eventide Did Not Qualify 21st/24 34
#49 Say Yes Dog Stronger Did Not Qualify 18th/24 38
#50 Thierry Mersch ft. Patricia Venâncio Mir Hunn Ee Groussen Dram Did Not Qualify 8th/16 60
#51 Claudine Muno Alaska Did Not Qualify 9th/16 71
#52 Seed To Tree Until It Gets Better 21st/27 76 5th/16 67
#53 District 7 Heartbeat Did Not Qualify 16th/16 27
#55 Benjamin Lasnier Somebody to hurt 9th/27 114 7th/16 81
#56 TUYS Belong Did Not Qualify 11th/17 56
#57 Nathaël Demain Did Not Qualify 16th/16 30

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