Here's an article about Lebanon in the WWW Song Contest.


Lebanese flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#24 Kristina Maria Bang U Up 9th/25 103 6th/20 82
#25 Nicole Saba Hafdal Ahlam 13th/25 92 5th/20 81
#26 Amal Hijazi Betdour Ala Albe Did Not Qualify 16th/19 36
#27 Mika ft. Ariana Grande Popular Song 5th/25 119 6th/20 82
#28 Kristina Maria Move Like A Soldier 4th/25 144 3rd/21 86
#29 Aline Lahoud Quand Tout S'enfuit 8th/25 119 10th/21 72
#30 Kristina Maria & Corneille Co-Pilot Did Not Qualify 11th/20 61
#31 Princess Sarah A La Faveur De L'Automne 23rd/26 58 6th/19 70
 #32 Nancy Ajram Wana Ben Idek Did Not Qualify 20th/20 24

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