Here's an article about Kazakhstan in the WWW Song Contest.

Flag of Kazakhstan.svg

Kazakh flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#35 Luina Qalayșa 1st/26 163 1st/21 115 
#36 Serik Ibragimov Jayau 3rd/26 137  Auto-Qualified
#37 Ali Okapov Syier Edim  21st/26 66 Auto-Qualified
#38 Nana ft. Indigo I Remember The Time Did Not Qualify 13th/19 50
#39 Duet 7 Soğadı jürek 12th/26 108 5th/22 92
#40 Luina Luna Did Not Qualify 16th/22 43
#41 Kairat Baekenov & Format Toby Än älemi Did Not Qualify 17th/22 55
#42 Beybit Kushkaliev Kaitesin Ozgeni 8th/26 116 10th/21 71
#43 KeshYou Asykpa 6th/26 138 2nd/24 102
#44 Rano Umarova Suyem Deshi 23rd/26 65 7th/22 74
#45 Moldir Auelbekova Osiet Did Not Qualify 13th/24 62
#47 Madina Sadvakasova Juldizim Did Not Qualify 14th/24 52
#50 Dilnaz Akhmadieva Dumaj Obo Mne Did Not Qualify 16th/17 51
#51 Ayree Minezim Solay 3rd/27 150 1st/16 105
#52 Ali Okapov Alga 26th/27 45 Auto-Qualified
#53 Kamshat Zholdybayeva Birge 10th/27 113 2nd/16 95
#54 Kamila Zhumabayeva Qazaq Batyrlary 9th/27 133 3rd/16 81

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