Here's an article about Japan in the WWW Song Contest.


Japanese flag

Edition Artist Song Place Points
#11 Ayumi Hamasaki M 9th/22 63
#12 Onmyouza Kouga Ninpouchou 16th/24 39
#13 High and Mighty Color Pride 21st/27 29
#14 Ayumi Hamasaki Dearest 22nd/27 22
#15 Yoko Kanno ft. Origa & Ben Del Maestro Inner Universe 18th/28 46
Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#16 Glay x Exile Scream 17th/23 63 11th/14 51
#17 Alice Nine Hana Did Not Qualify 15th/16 25
#20 Two-Mix Just Communication 17th/25 63 9th/17 58
#53 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Harajuku Iyahoi 16th/27 92 4th/16 76
#54 Man With A Mission Dead End In Tokyo 11th/27 128 7th/16 65
#55 Keyakizaka46 Fukyouwaon Did Not Qualify 16th/16 21
#56 Beverly I Need Your Love 17th/27 98 6th/16 77
#57 Namie Amuro Hero 5th/27 147 3rd/16 89

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