Here is an article about Indonesia in the WWW Song Contest.

Indonesian flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#44 Tangga Kesempatan Kedua Did Not Qualify 20th/23 12
#45 Melly Goeslaw & Marthino Lio Ratusan Purnama 21st/26 89 9th/24 68
#48 Agnes Monica Paralyzed Did Not Qualify 20th/24 24
#49 NIDJI Diatas Awan 16th/26 99 13th/24 sc 58
#50 S.O.S. Drop It Low 6th/27 147 5th/17 88
#51 Isyana Sarasvati All Or Nothing 15th/27 102 2nd/16 102
#53 Lesti Egois 18th/27 87 7th/16 67
#54 Raisa & Isyana Sarasvati Anganku Anganmu 23rd/27 62 5th/16 82
#55 Angela Vero Work it Did Not Qualify 11th/16 62
#56 Armada Asal Kau Bahagia Did Not Qualify 10th/16 60
#57 Killing Me Inside ft. Sansan PWG Fake 27th/27 DSQ 4th/16 79

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