Here's an article about Georgia in the WWW Song Contest.


Georgian flag

Ed Artist Song Final Points Semi Pts
#20 Giga Mikaberidze Shentvis Vmgeri Me Amdens Did Not Qualify 15th/17 37
#21 Nino Katamadze Once In The Street (Quchashi Ertxel) Did Not Qualify 14th/18 45
#22 Sofia Nizharadze Sing My Song 23rd/25 61 pt 3rd/20 78
#23 REMA Feel Me 22nd/25 49 pt 12th/19 wc 56
#24 Merab Sefashvili Cxovreba Erti Tsamia Did Not Qualify 19th/21 26
#25 Nikolshow Batumi Did Not Qualify 19th/20 22
#26 Irakli Charkviani Me Gadmovcurav Zgvas Did Not Qualify 19th/19 12
#27 Miriam Elieshvili Chven Axla Erturts Did Not Qualify 20th/20 DSQ
#46 Katie Melua Nine Million Bicycles Did Not Qualify 24th/24 DSQ

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