Here's an article about Ethiopia in the WWW Song Contest.

Ethiopian flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#49 Kenna Face The Gun 24th/26 70 4th/24 91
#50 Jano Band Yinegal 8th/27 122 10th/16 60
#51 Kelela A Message Did Not Qualify 11th/16 54
#52 SoundGirl feat. Twizzle I'm The Fool 12th/27 110 7th/16 65
#53 Honey Mahogany It's Honey Did Not Qualify 13th/16 28
#54 Ayoe Angelica Dr. Jekyll Did Not Qualify 13th/16 54
#55 Abelone No more Did Not Qualify 14th/16 43
#56 Emilia Mitiku You're Breaking My Heart 7th/27 123 3rd/16 95
#57 Mirel Wagner 1, 2, 3, 4 Did Not Qualify 15th/16 35

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