Salvadorean flag

Here's an article about El Salvador in the WWW Song Contest.

Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#28 Cáthia Without You Did Not Qualify 11th/20 60 
#29 Yam ft. Shaka & Dres Como La Ves Did Not Qualify 16th/20 36 
#30 Cáthia Sólo Tu 5th/26 149  3rd/20 120 
#31 Prima J  Take It To The Maximum Did Not Qualify 18th/19 DSQ
#34 Natalia Segura Y Nunca Mas Did Not Qualify 22nd/22 DSQ
#36 Allison Iraheta & Halo Circus Yo Me Voy Did Not Qualify 21st/23 20 
#37 Sabi  Running Away 20th/26 69  16th/22 wc 53
#38 Alexandra Martinez El Poder Del Amor Did Not Qualify 12th/19 52
#39 Prima J Nadie (No One) Did Not Qualify 12th/22 68
#40 Cáthia Unbreakable Did Not Qualify 15th/22 47
#57 Allison Iraheta & Halo Circus Band-Aid 7th/27 139 1st/16 112
#58 Sabi Wild Heart 27th/27 DSQ 9th/16 SC 58