Here's an article about Chile in the WWW Song Contest.


Chilean flag

Edition Artist Song Place Points
#12 Maria Colores El Mundo De Tu Mano 22nd/24 18 pt
#13 Denise Rosenthal & Tea Time Men 11th/27 62 pt
#14 Nicole Hoy 21st/27 32 pt
#15 Supernova Tu Y Yo 25th/28 21 pt
Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#16 Beto Cuevas ft. Flo Rida Quiero Creer Did Not Qualify 13th/14 40
#17 La Ley Aquí 17th/25 68 11th/16 wc 50
#18 Javiera Mena Luz de Piedra de Luna  1st/25 143 2nd/16 91
#19 Francisca Valenzuela Buen Soldado 22nd/25 36 Auto-Qualified
#20 Los Prisioneros La voz de los 80  Did Not Qualify 15th/17 30
#21 Ana Tijoux 1977 Did Not Qualify 17th/18 21
#22 Neven ft. Zie Crazy For Love 14th/25 89 5th/20 75
#32 Los Bunkers Si Estás Pensando Mal De Mí Did Not Qualify 16th/21 36 
#33 Augusto Schuster We Can Dance Did Not Qualify 17th/22 39 
#34 Javiera Mena Espada Did Not Qualify 17th/22 44
#35 Camila Silva Al Fin Te Encontre 20th/26 79 7th/21 69 
#36 Francisca Valenzuela  Prenderemos Fuego al Cielo 10th/26 109 10th/23 74 
#37 We Are The Grand Soy 24th/26 56 10th/22 75
#38 Daniela Castillo Trampa de Cristal 18th/26 66 5th/19 82
#39 La Sociedad El Final Did Not Qualify 20th/22 26
#40 Javiera Mena Esa Fuerza Did Not Qualify 14th/21 54
#41 Francisca Valenzuela Armadura Did Not Qualify 11th/22 71
#43 Celeste Shaw No Es Suficiente Did Not Qualify 24th/24 11
#44 Andres de León Quiero Did Not Qualify 12th/22 54
#45 We Are The Grand Save Me Did Not Qualify 23rd/24 24
#48 Denise Rosenthal I Wanna Give My Heart Did Not Qualify 15th/24 50
#49 Camila Gallardo Más De La Mitad 18th/26 90 2nd/24 105
#50 We Are The Grand Al Despertar Did Not Qualify 14th/17 51
#52 Mon Laferte feat. Juanes Amàrrame 11th/27 112 9th/16 sc 60
#54 Mon Laferte Tu Falta De Querer 8th/27 135 3rd/16 92
#55 Los Vasquez Que Mas Quisiera Yo 13th/27 105 10th/16 sc 59
#56 Camila Gallardo Un Poco Más De Frío Did Not Qualify 8th/17 66
#57 DJ Mendez feat. Abraham Garcia I'm Coming Home Did Not Qualify 9th/16 58

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