Here's an article about Bulgaria in the WWW Song Contest.

800px-Flag of Bulgaria.svg

Bulgarian flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#6 Vessy Ring The Bells 19th/23 35
#7 Kali Sedem 8th/22 67 
#8 Divna ft. Miro & Krisko I Ti Ne Mojesh Da Me Spresh 18th/23 DSQ
#9 Galena Me Izdade 24th/24 DSQ
Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#21 DesiSlava My Pleasure My Pain Did Not Qualify 17th/18 37
#22 Maria Ilieva Igraya stilno 25th/25 42  14th/20 wc 42
#24 Vessy Boneva Svurzani Did Not Qualify 12th/21 56 
#25 Deep Zone ft. Bobo Niema NE 22nd/25 51 5th/19 85
#26 Mihaela Fileva ft. VenZy Opasno blizki Did Not Qualify 14th/19 32
#28 Mariana Popova ft. Lexus Tryabva da ostana budna 20th/20 30 
#29 Nora Karaivanova Rozovi Ochila 16th/21 49 
#30 LaTiDa Freedom 17th/20 34 
#33 Zhana Bergendorff Samuray 1st/26 135 4th/21 88 
#34 Preyah Niuansi  22nd/26 62  Auto-Qualified
#42 Mihaela Fileva Incognito Did Not Qualify 15th/22 38
#46 Mihaela Marinova Ne ti li stiga 6th/26 144 4th/24 89

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