Here's an article about Brazil in the WWW Song Contest.


Brazilian flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#23 Polo feat. Ivo Mozart Vagalumes Did Not Qualify 17th/19 19
#24 P9 My Favorite Girl Did Not Qualify 19th/20 20
#25 Capital Inicial Mulher De Fases 25th/25 37 16th/20 wc 33
#26 Corona Rhythm Of The Night 13th/25 93 4th/19 101
#27 College 11 Go! Did Not Qualify 16th/20 38
#28 Zémaria A Flora Did Not Qualify 17th/21 40
#29  Maria Gadú Shimbalaiê 23th/25 56 10th/20 61
#30 Dallas Company Alô Galera de Cowboy Did Not Qualify 19th/20 31
#31 Tiago Iorc It's a fluke Did Not Qualify 14th/19 45
#32 Shamaan Innocence Did Not Qualify 14th/21 41
#33 Blondfire Waves 16th/26 85 4th/22 94
#34 Valesca Popozuda Beijinho no Ombro Did Not Qualify 19th/22 19
#35 Bella Xu Incondicional 12th/26 100 9th/22 76
#36 Vandroya Why Should We Say Goodbye 2nd/26 137 8th/23 78
#37 Elaine Martins Santificação 1st/26 186 Auto-Qualified
#38 Roupa Nova A Viagem 25th/26 37 Auto-Qualified
#39 Karol Conka ft. Tropkillaz Tombei Did Not Qualify 22nd/22 DSQ
#40 Elaine de Jesus ft. Elaine Martins Autoridade Divina Did Not Qualify 22nd/22 DSQ
#47 Pitty Setevidas Did Not Qualify 17th/24 47
#48 Malta Diz pra mim Did Not Qualify 13th/24 50
#49 Barbara Ohana ft. Cauã Reymond Your Armies Did Not Qualify 20th/24 36
#50 Bellini Brazil 15th/27 112 9th/17 sc 67
#51 Wanessa Worth It Did Not Qualify 11th/16 59
#53 Manu Gavassi Hipnose 15th/27 95 5th/16 76
#54 Iggy Azalea feat. Anitta Switch Did Not Qualify 8th/16 63
#55 Luan Santana Te vivo 2nd/27 202 1st/16 114
#56 Gaia Fotogramas 20th/27 90 Auto-Qualified
#57 Priscilla Ponto Certo Did Not Qualify 13th/16 41

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