Here's an article about Bolivia in the WWW Song Contest.


Bolivian flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#11 Llajtaymanta Felizmente Cazado 16th/22 30
#12 Bonanza Mientes 21st/24 26
#13 Veneno Todo Cambió 20th/27 30
#14 Valeno Cómo te extraño 23rd/27 19
#15 Semilla Después de mi, cualquiera 23rd/28 29

Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#16 Los Kjarkas Fría 13th/23 70 6th/14 63
#17 Aullagas Maldito Corazón Did Not Qualify 16th/16 18
#18 Maria Juana Rompe Monteras Did Not Qualify 14th/16 24
#20 Los Kjarkas Llorando Se Fue 9th/25 89 6th/17 66
#21 Valeno Lágrimas del Amor Did Not Qualify 13th/18 47
#22 Avionica Desde Cero 24th/25 56 15th/20 wc 44
#23 Veneno Cunumicita 23rd/25 47 10th/19 67
#41 Mutante Te Amo Para Siempre Did Not Qualify 16th/22 60
#42 Evanks Frágil Corazón Did Not Qualify 13th/22 52
#43 Ch'ila Jatun Me Cansé De Amarte Did Not Qualify 24th/24 15
#44 LBQV Las Balas Que Vendrán Did Not Qualify 19th/22 26
#45 Toxico 4 Soñé 24th/26 77 5th/24 84

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