Here's an article about Albania in the WWW Song Contest.

700px-Flag of Albania.svg

Albanian flag

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#1 Era Rusi Ti e di 14th/15 20
#2 Alban Skenderaj & Miriam Cani Let Me Die With You 6th/18 65

Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#21 Samanta Karavella Fallen Did Not Qualify 12th/18 53
#22 Alban Skenderaj Refuzoj 13th/25 91 7th/20 70
#23 Elvana Gjata Me Ty 6th/25 117 2nd/19 102
#24 Miriam Cani & Alban Skenderaj Somebody Hurts 3rd/125 148 1st/20 142
#25 Sheila Haxhiraj Te Ndiej 17th/25 68 Auto-Qualified
#26 Rita Ora How We Do (Party) 18th/25 58 7th/19 89
#27 Kejsi Tola S'jemi më atje Did Not Qualify 14th/20 51
#28 Besa Tatuazh Ne Zemer Did Not Qualify 12th/20 59
#29 Kejsi Tola Perendeshe E Fantazise 20th/25 58 15th/21 wc 51
#30 Genta Ismajli ft. Ardian Bujupi & Dalool Feel 16th/26 65 10th/20 63
#31 Arilena  Aeroplan  2nd/26 134 2nd/19 117
#32 Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora  Black Widow 18th/26 75 Auto-Qualified
#33 Elvana Gjata Puthe 25th/26 DSQ 1st/21 112
#34 Rita Ora I Will Never Let You Down Did Not Qualify 22nd/22 DSQ
#45 ENCA Ishim Ne Did Not Qualify 19th/24 49
#46 Anjeza Shahini Uje Ne Shkretetire Did Not Qualify 15th/24 55
#48 Xhensila Myrtezai Ring The Alarm 26th/26 DSQ 10th/24 73
#54 Ronela Hajati Ado Si Kjo Did Not Qualify 13th/16 47

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